Digital Audio Infrastructure

A comprehensive suite of soft cores providing the standard audio IP blocks necessary for consumer, semi-professional and professional audio interfacing.

Functional Description

The TCAT "Digital Audio Infrastructure" is a complete suite of RTL designs in Verilog that can be used to implement the functionality necessary for consumer, professional and semi-professional audio interfacing products. The TC Applied Technologies Digital Audio Infrastructure IP Cores have been widely used in various applications by major professional audio firms. The cores include RTL code, test scripts and a test environment for full simulation verification of all modules. The cores are designed as APB peripherals for interfacing to ARM processors.

Key Features

  • Proven designs used in hundreds of thousands of audio products by major audio equipment manufacturers.


  • A complete suite for all audio interfacing and networking needs in a single package.
  • Proven designs implemented in hundreds of thousands of professional and semi-professional IEEE1394 products, and more recently in AVB and Thunderbolt products.
  • Includes TCAT Audio Router allowing full routing of signals from any input channel to any output channel.


Audio interfaces, Mixers, Set top boxes, AD/DA converters.


  • Detailed datasheet and user documentation for system integration.
  • HDL testbench covering all functionalities of the core and including automatic verification of the correctness of the responses.
  • Options:
    • FPGA Netlist
    • HDL (Verilog) source code
    • Simulation script
    • Synthesis and/or place and route scripts
    • Prototyping boards