Professional Audio

Introducing DICE III

DICE III is the newest series in the DICE family of integrated circuits and continues TC Applied Technologies' tradition of offering product designers and developers the best solutions for professional quality audio networking and interfacing. The new series, comprised of four variants, adds support for AVB and USB, as well as enhanced FireWire support for IEEE1394B (S800) with increased channel count. As with our previous chips, transport for each protocol is performed via high channel-count hardware streaming engines. Each variant includes a 200MHz ARM9 CPU, with on-chip 320Kb memory; sufficient for many applications without requiring an external SDRAM. A DMA engine and MMU, as well as a variety of I/O peripherals facilitate/enable a broad range of applications. All necessary protocols and standards are naturally implemented in silicon and in the included firmware developer kit. This generation of DICE includes the highest-performing JetPLL™ yet: virtually removing jitter from an incoming stream to create a rock-solid system clock. A completely new Eclipse-based pre-configured development environment is available with a number of firmware application templates. High-performance, next-generation host drivers are also provided at no cost.

Complete Solutions

The DICE III chip family is fully supported with a completely new firmware development environment, full firmware source code with template applications including DICE II/Jr./Mini backwards compatibility.

Host drivers
Next generation driver model with lower latency, greater stability and continued compatibility with the latest OS X and Windows versions.

Vendor-specific drivers for OS X and Windows are provided at no additional cost, with regular updates as improvements are made.

Backward compatible with DICE II/Jr./Mini.

Host utilities
Customizable and brandable control panel, which can be shipped by vendor or used as example code for custom build software. Diagnostic and factory programming utilities.

DICE TDL in firmware and driver for effective developer and end-user defect characterization and resolution.


TC Applied Technologies is a Professional Audio-focused company. Our team is comprised of engineers and developers with nearly a century of combined audio experience and proven successes. FAE support is available from developers with real-world product development experience. Our goal is to provide product designers and developers with complete, intuitive solutions that drive down time to market and system cost including royalty-free drivers and firmware.

The DICE III-series silicon is the result of decades of experience, ongoing refinements and careful selection of features, and is designed to provide the best, most intuitive solutions available, at competitive total system costs.

  • Higher channel-count hardware streaming
  • Better jitter performance without need for expensive external VCXOs/LCOs
  • Plenty of reserve on-chip CPU computing power available for other tasks
  • Host drivers and cross-platform control panel and utilities provided at no additional cost
  • Easy to use Firmware Development Environment
  • Responsive, experienced support team
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