The TCD3000-EVM001 Evaluation Module (EVM) demonstrates a simple USB interface design using the DICE III TCD3000 IC. This is a 4-layer design, small footprint board which can be USB bus-powered or externally powered. It implements a Class Compliant USB 2.0 Audio Interface device and allows additional functions to be prototyped through an option expansion header.

Using this EVM, the DICE III performance and programming can be evaluated and customer devices can be prototyped ahead of custom hardware.


  • TCD3000
  • SPI Flash, 16Mbit
  • USB (micro-B) Connector
  • USB bus power or 5V DC input power
  • Stereo Codec
  • 1/8” Audio input mini jack
  • 1/8” Audio output mini jack
  • Serial port header
  • JTAG header (10-pin)
  • LED (PWM programmable)
  • SD Card connector (microSD)
  • 22-pin Option Header

Option header

The option header routes additional Audio/GPIO, MIDI, and two channels of ADC (i.e. for trim pots or other sensors) to the TCD3000. It also provides 3.3Vdc power and access to the 5V USB bus power.

Kit Contents

  • Evaluation board
  • Micro USB 2.0 Cable, A plug to Mini B plug
  • Serial/USB cable adapter

DICE III is USB 2.0 Class Compliant under Mac OS X. We will provide royalty-free drivers for Windows. Please contact us for further details.

TCAT also provides cross-platform APIs and a number of complete working examples for developing computer software utilities for purposes such as firmware loading, factory test, serialization, etc.

EVM firmware includes a built-in Command Line Interpreter (CLI) which is accessed via the TCD3000 UART port. The CLI is used to view runtime statistics in the firmware, to configure various parameters, and can be used to download firmware updates. The included Serial/USB cable adapter is included for using the CLI with any serial terminal program on your development computer.