Several evaluation boards will be made available which demonstrate the features of the new DICEIII family of semiconductors. These boards will allow developers to begin firmware development until their own custom hardware is ready, and will allow product managers to evaluate the performance and features of the DICEIII family, and to help estimate total BOM costs in their designs. These boards will be designed to emphasize various uses of the chips, such as AVB, USB, and 1394-specific applications. Our legacy EVMs, described below, are still supported, although no longer available for sale.

TCAT provides hardware and software development kits as well as a number of reference hardware designs. Our Designing with DICE guide will give you a good overview of the differences betwen the three chips.

The DICE Audio Monitor II (DICE EVM 003) is a complete, easy-to-use development platform for the DICE family of chips. It is fitted with the DICE Mini (TCD2210) but it can be used to prototype firmware for DICE Jr (TCD2220). The EVM003 includes a number of audio interfaces including ADAT, S/PDIF, and high-quality analog components with Headphone/Line output and Mic/Instrument/Line input.

The DICE FW843 (DICE EVM 004) allows developers to evaluate the DICE chip with 1394B bus topologies. It includes an LSI FW843 IEEE1394B PHY chip, in combination with an EqcoLogic EQCO 400T equalizer chip, allowing extended 1394B bus cable lengths using standard UTP CAT5e and CAT6 network cables.

The DICE EVM 002 is a modular design that consists of a mainboard with I/O and plug-in cards (micro-boards) for DICE Jr., DICE Mini, and DICE II. The EVM 002 includes an onboard analog I/O, making for easier testing and providing a reference design example for connecting codecs to the DICE chips.