JetPLL™ is a patented solution for audio band jitter attentuation.

The fundamental problem in audio networks comes as more devices with clocks are added to the system -- there is a beating of the clocks against each other which creates additive audio band jitter. Traditional solutions involve expensive VCXO's and/or sample rate conversion. There is the further complication of low quality clocks in lower cost devices -- as networked products and systems become more common, lower prices for consumer and professional equipment drive manufacturers to use poorer clock solutions. In many cases, the variation from the specified clock frequency is so great that it falls outside the ability of many clocking solutions to cope (e.g. >100ppm variance). In such cases, equipment simply fails to work. This is not acceptable in either pro, CE or prosumer markets.

JetPLL™ provides the same performance as traditional, expensive clocking solutions found in the world's best professional clocking products. JetPLL™ is highly robust and extremely tolerant of wide variations in clock frequencies. Applied to 1394, USB, and AVB transports, JetPLL™ provides industry-leading jitter reduction. As a result, with JetPLL™, equipment just works.

All DICE chips include an on-board JetPLL™. JetPLL™ is also available as licenseable intellectual property. The implementation is CMOS-based, typically less than 20 kilogates. For more information, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

AES Convention paper on the benefits of JetPLL 1.0