DICE Mini (Legacy)

Please note that this product has been deprecated and support is only available for existing projects.

DICE Mini is a monolithic CMOS ASIC capable of receiving and transmitting up to 16 channels of audio data in accordance with the IEEE 1394 standard. The DICE Mini technology simplifies the interface to IEEE 1394 and other popular digital audio formats while maximizing the clocking accuracy of audio samples.

Unique to the DICE Mini is patented JetPLL™ technology and a 18x16 hardware mixer with hardware metering support. With its high integration, JetPLL™ technology, and support of IEEE 1394b, the DICE Mini gives Firewire the versatility necessary for professional and consumer audio markets. Now, low cost CAT-5 cable has 100 meter support at the full data rates of all popular digital audio formats.

The DICE Mini's broadband streaming engine handles all aspects of moving data without placing realtime load on the host processor (ARMTM). The full SDK supports Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) libraries and IEEE 1394 stacks with support for OGT, AV/C (Class Compliant) and TCP/IP.