TCAT's team of experienced professionals, all experts within their respective fields, enables us to provide services across the complete technical spectrum of product design for audio and industrial networking, ranging from specification to board design to firmware to host application level on Mac and Windows.

Resources each with 15+ years of experience in embedded firmware programming (ASM, C, C++) and RTOS integration and architecture. Extensive knowledge of audio application specific design, IEEE1394 protocol stack, TCP/IP protocol stack, USB protocols, AVB protocols.

Resources with 20+ years of pro/MI related digital design, mixed signal design, mechanical design, architecture and layout. Extensive experience in HDL design for FPGA as well as ASIC.

Resources with 5+ years of experience in writing drivers for Mac and PC specifically for pro/MI audio applications. Experience in PCI, IEEE1394, Mac OSX, Windows, USB, Thunderbolt, WDM, ASIO, CoreAudio, VST.

System Design
Resources with experience ranging from 5 to 20+ years in hardware, software, firmware, driver architecture. Extensive system knowledge in pro/MI.